Sigma Chapter Scholarships

The Guy Garrison Scholarship

The Guy Garrison Scholarship is offered to a current Drexel iSchool student, based on academic merit and the potential for professional contributions.The scholarship is awarded on a yearly basis. For more information and a scholarship application form, click here.

Guy Garrison Scholarship recipients include:

  • 2012: Rachel Peffer
  • 2009: Melissa Swift
  • 2008: Katherine Plater
  • 2007: Cynthia Balejcsik
  • 2005: Anna Stubblefield
  • 2004: Rebecca Gottlieb
  • 2003: Ashley Wiper
  • 2001: Elizabeth Hamilton; Danielle Marino
  • 2000: Christopher Stanwood
  • 1999: Paul Artrip
  • 1995: Karl Krueger
  • 1994: Wendy Good
  • 1993: Roberta Jacquet
  • 1992: Dora Wong
Guy Garrison

Image credit: Drexel University Archives

Guy Garrison, Dean of Drexel’s College of Information Studies, 1969-1987

In 1992, Guy Garrison retired from his position as Alice B. Kroeger Professor of Library and Information Studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia after 38 years of service. Prior to being named Kroeger Professor in 1987, he was dean of Drexel’s College of Information Studies for nineteen years. Dr. Garrison was awarded the 1992 ALA Beta Phi Mu Award, particularly for the development of GSLIS’s Library Research Center in 1962, the first organized research unit in a library school.

The Alice B. Kroeger Award

The Alice B. Kroeger Award is named in honor of Alice B. Kroeger, who founded the library science program at Drexel University in 1892. This program ultimately grew into the University’s College of Information Science and Technology. This cash award is presented to an outstanding masters degree graduate. Recipients are selected by faculty vote in Spring term, and no application required.

Alice B. Kroeger Award recipients include:

  • 2012: Gail Betz
  • 2009: Kimberly Braun
  • 2007: Cinda Crane
  • 2006: Sidath Gunawardena
  • 2004: Harshad Pitkar
  • 2003: Christy Donaldson
  • 2002: Elizabeth Zogby
  • 2001: Brian Finnegan
  • 2000: Laurie Shuster
  • 1999: Carol Strecker
  • 1998: Eric Dalessio
  • 1997: Jessica Dancy
  • 1996: Lisa Giustino
  • 1995: Matthew Wall
  • 1994: Amy Miller


Image credit: University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alice B. Kroeger, 1892 founder of Drexel’s library science program.