As amended 10/28/94

ARTICLE I. Name and location

Sec. 1. The name of this organization shall be Sigma Chapter of Beta Phi Mu
Sec. 2. Sigma Chapter of Beta Phi Mu is located at the College of Information Studies, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

ARTICLE II. Purposes

Sec. 1. The purposes of Sigma Chapter of Beta Phi Mu are to recognize distinguished achievement and scholarly contributions to librarianship, information science and library education, and to sponsor and support appropriate professional and scholarly projects related to these fields by:
a. Bestowing awards, research grants and scholarships to qualified students.
b. Sponsoring appropriate professional and scholarly projects.
c. Promoting and supporting the interests of Beta Ph Mu (the national organization) and Drexel University’s College of Information Studies.
d. Publishing a newsletter relating to chapter activities.
e. Promoting, organizing and holding meetings.

ARTICLE III. Membership

Sec. 1. Any member of Beta Phi Mu, the national fraternity, is eligible to join the Sigma Chapter.
Sec. 2. Membership in Beta Ph Mu may be conferred by the Sigma Chapter in accordance with the by-laws of Beta Phi Mu.
Sec. 3. Honorary membership in Sigma Chapter may be conferred in accordance with the by-laws of the national organization.

ARTICLE IV. Elected Officers

Sec. 1. Executive Council The elected officers shall be a President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and three Directors. These officers together with the Faculty Advisor and the Chapter Representative to the Advisory Assembly shall constitute the Executive Council.
Sec. 2. Qualifications All elected officers must be members of the Chapter.
Sec. 3. Terms of Office
a. Two years for the President
b. Two years for the Treasurer
c. Two years for the Secretary, who will be elected on alternate years from the President and the Treasurer.
d. Three years for each Director (3), electing one new Director each year so that terms are staggered.
e. An officer may serve on the Executive Council for a maximum of two consecutive terms whether partial or full.
Sec. 4.Duties of the Elected Officers Duties of the elected officers are:
a. The President shall direct the affairs of the chapter; preside at all Executive Council and membership meetings; appoint standing committees provided for in these by-laws; appoint such ad-hoc committees as deemed appropriate or the Executive Council directs; and give a report at the annual membership meeting.
b. The Treasurer shall perform the customary duties of the office including the collection and deposit of all revenues generated by the Chapter; the payment of Chapter expenses; and make regular reports on the financial status of the Chapter.
c. The Secretary shall maintain and distribute the minutes of all meetings conducted by the Chapter. d. The Directors will be assigned responsibilities by the President as needed.
Sec. 5. Elections
a. Chapter officers shall be nominated by a committee of three, known as the Nominating Committee.
b. The Nominating Committee shall contact every member by mail and solicit nominations before publicly announcing the list of nominees.
c. The Nominating Committee must place on the ballot, with the consent of each nominee, the name of every person nominated for every office by the membership.
d. A list of nominees and a ballot shall be mailed to all members no later than one month prior to the annual meeting. The election of officers shall be conducted solely by mail.
e. Vacancies in office shall be filled by a vote of the remaining members of the Executive Council. Such appointees shall serve until the next scheduled election for that office.
Sec. 1. Dues will be collected annually.
Sec. 2. The Executive Council will recommend changes in dues’ structure. Changes will be voted on at the annual meeting.

ARTICLE VI. Committees

Sec. 1. Nominating Committee
a. The members are the President, the outgoing Director, and the outgoing Secretary or Treasurer.
b. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of qualified nominees as required by Article IV of these by-laws.
Sec. 2. Ad Hoc Committees
Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed as the need arises.

ARTICLE VII. Initiation and Meetings

Sec. 1. Initiation
An annual initiation for eligible graduates shall take place at the annual membership meeting.
Sec. 2. Meetings
a. Executive Council Meetings The Executive Council holds a minimum of two meetings per year.
b. Membership Meetings
1. Meetings shall be called by the President after conferring with the Executive Council or by two-thirds of the remaining members of the Executive Council.
2. Meetings may be called by petition of any ten members of the Sigma Chapter.

ARTICLE VIII. Faculty Advisor

Sec. 1. Appointment
A Faculty Advisor, appointed by the Dean of the Drexel University College of Information Studies, shall serve as a voting member of the Executive Council.
Sec. 2. Duties
The Faculty Advisor’s duties include maintaining a membership database, selecting and recruiting new members, managing print and mailing of the newsletter, and acting as a liaison between the Chapter and Drexel University College of Information Studies.

ARTICLE IX. Chapter By-Laws

Sec. 1. By-law changes or proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to all members one month in advance of the meeting at which they are to be voted upon.
Sec. 2. These By-laws may be changed or amended by a majority of members who are present at a meeting.

ARTICLE X. Chapter Representative to the Advisory Assembly

Sec. 1. The Executive Council shall appoint, for a 3-year term, an official Chapter Representative from the members of the Chapter in good standing. This person will attend Sigma Chapter Executive Council and Membership meetings and represent the Chapter at the national Advisory Assemble Meeting, held annually in conjunction with the American Library Association’s Annual Conference.

ARTICLE XI. Dissolution

Sec. 1. The Executive Council shall convert its net assets at the time of dissolution into cash. Such cash shall be used to support graduate student scholarship.